2023 Lea Spring

GOLD - OP1x single - Hans
2nd - OP1 x Single - Samir
GOLD W J16 Double - Anya & Katie
GOLD - W J16 Single - Anya
2nd - Mas D/E/F Single - Kevin

Hans won Men's Open Single Sculls, narrowly defeating club mate Samir in the final. Anja won Women's Junior 16 Sculls, comfortably winning both her races. Anja and Katie  (or is it Katy?)  won Women's Junior double sculls, Katie also won Women's Junior 18 sculls in a rowover. Eremis and Oscar also competed in boys' singles races and fought hard in some close races. Aleks and Tommy reached the final of Mixed Doubles. Kevin and Jeremy competed in Men's Masters Singles, with Kevin getting through to the final.

2023 Poplar Regatta
2nd - Single - Kevin
3rd - Single - Jeremy
6th - Single - Hans
4th - Double - Kevin & Jeremy
5th - Double - Richard & Samir

This was a very high class regatta on a 2000m course on the Docks. Used by many top clubs as a warm up for Henley Regatta we didn't win any silverware this time but Hans, Kevin and Jeremy all enjoyed competing in the six lane final of Open Single Sculls against some top class opponents. And we also had two doubles competing: Richard/Samir and Jeremy/Kevin.

2023 Peterborough Spring
GOLD - Mas E Double - Jeremy & Kevin
GOLD - Mas F Single - Jeremy
4th Mas A Single - Hans
3rd Mas B/C Double - Aleks & Samir
3rd Mas C Single - Samir
4th Mas D Single - Kevin

This was a great event on a 1000m buoyed multilane course with many clubs competing from all around the country.  Jeremy and Kevin won Masters E doubles and Jeremy also won Masters F singles. Hans competed gamely in a tough Masters A event and Samir raced hard in Masters C. Aleks and Samir also raced well in their Double Sculls final against some superb crews.

2023 Henley Masters
Taking place on the course of Henley Royal Regatta a week after the main event is the Masters Regatta.  Kevin and Jeremy raced in single sculls.  Kevin had a very close race against Toby Backhouse who has the distinction of having been the heaviest ever person to compete in the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, having led until the last few strokes. Jeremy was racing former British Sculling Champion and National Squad rower, Julian Scrivener, and lost by two and a half lengths after unfortunately catching a crab off the start.  But it was a great experience and hopefully we will progress further next year

2023 Round Canvey Race

After our great success last year when we came first, second and third, we returned again with high hopes.  This year we had a men's double of Kevin and Jeremy, a men's quad of Chris, Gerry, Samir and Hans, coxed by Dom from RowTours, and a mixed quad of Aleks, Margaret, Tommy and Richard, coxed by Ella from Benfleet Yacht Club.  Kevin and Jeremy won the prize for the fastest overall sliding-seat rowing boat, the mixed quad was second and the men's quad third.  There were also a couple of high class surfski paddle boats in the race and a variety of colourful traditional gigs and Thames Watermen's Cutters.

2023 Monster of teh Loch Race
Fairlop sent two crews: a coxed quad consisting of Samir, Tommy, Richard, Alex and Robert (cox), and Jeremy in a single scull.  The quad had an excellent race to finish 8th in 2:45:16, despite having had to stop for around five minutes to fix a jammed seat. Jeremy also had a good row to finish fortieth out of one hundred finishers  mostly crew boats, in 3:15:54

2023 World Masters - South Africa
Kevin took the trip back to his native South Africa and returned as a double World Champion in Masters D singles and Masters C mixed doubles, with a female sculler from an Australian club. This really helps raise the profile of Fairlop Rowing Club both here and abroad.

2023 Danson Dashes
GOLD - Mas B Mix Double - Samir & Aleks
SILVER - Mas B Mix Double - Hans & Renata
GOLD - Mas A/B Single - Hans
GOLD - Mas D/E Double - Kevin & Jeremy
SILVER - Mas C Single - Samir
GOLD - Mas D Single - Kevin
GOLD - Mas F Single - Jeremy

Danson was a friendly day of 500m sprint races, and we competed in a number of races. It was a great first Regatta for Renata and Margaret, who both really enjoyed the day and can’t wait to race again! Kevin, Jeremy and Hans all won in their respective Singles categories, with Samir competing ably; winning his qualifying race but just beaten in the final. Kevin and Jeremy won in the Open Masters category and Samir and Aleks won in the (Fairlop head-to-head!) Mixed Doubles. Aleks and Margaret, and Hans and Renata rowed in Doubles against some speedy competition!

2023 St Neots Small Boats Head
GOLD - Mas B/C/D Double - Jeremy & Richard
3rd in Age - Mix Double - Aleks & Jeremy
3rd in Age - Mas B/C/D Double - Samir & Hans
3rd in Age (Rowed up an age) J17 Single - Eremis
4th in Age - Mas E/F Single- Jeremy
2nd in Age - Mas A/B/C Single - Hans
3rd (out of 9) - WJ17 Single - Anya
4th (out of 9 rowed up an age) J15 Single- Oscar
3rs in Age - Mas A/B/C Single - Samir
2nd in Age - W Mas B/C Double - Renata & Aleks

Fairlop sent a full trailer load of boats to this well run event which hadn't been held since before Lockdown. Richard and Jeremy won Masters BCD doubles, with Richard subbing for Tommy who was unfortunately injured, with Hans and Samir coming third with a good row. We had good results from our juniors,  Eremis being the fastest Fairlop single sculler overall, and Anya and Oscar both finishing high up in their categories. Hans, Samir and Jeremy all had solid results in their singles. Aleks and Renata successfully completed their first race together in womens masters doubles. Aleks also rowed a scratch Open mixed double with Jeremy, who was subbing for injured Tommy, which exceeded expectations by finishing 18th overall out of the 96 finishers in the event, and being the second fastest Fairlop crew. Many thanks to Tommy for towing the trailer for us in spite of having had to drop out of racing himself.

World Rowing Coastal Championships
Kevin took the trip back to his native South Africa and returned as a double World Champion in Masters D singles and Masters C mixed doubles, with a female sculler from an Australian club. This really helps raise the profile of Fairlop Rowing Club both here and abroad.

A Double Win for Jeremy @ PeterboroughWorld Masters Champion - Kevin Spence2 Golds for Kevin @ World Masters ChampionshipJunior Team ' St NeotsDandsn Dash TeamWin for Jeremy & Richard at St NeotsWorld Coastal Team - Samir, Jeremy & HansDocklands Head TeamPoplar SquadMonster Loch SquadLea Spring Junior Medal winners - Kate & Anya


2021 Docklands Head
65th & 2nd in Age - Masters D Double – Richard & Jeremy
105th & 5th in Age - J16 W Double - Amya & Katie
114th & 2nd in Age - J17 single - Nick
115th & 1st in Age - J17 W Single - Katie


2019 Lea Spring
GOLD – J18 Male Single – Robert Eager
FINAL - J18 Male Double - Robert Eager & Michael Stanway
FINAL - J15 female single - Sophie Machin

2019 Ball Cup
8th (out of 18) - J18 Male Double - Robert Eager & Michael Stanway
FINAL 6th ( Out of 12) - J17 female single - Audrey Fidgenon
9th (out of 18) - J15 female Double - Petra Webb & Avantika Bharadway
FINAL 5th - J16 Female Single - Cindy Caidou
7th (out of 12) - J17 class 1 Male Single - Robert Eager
FINAL 6th - J17 Class 2 Male Single - Michael Stanway
12th - J15 Womens Quad - Avi, Lily, Gabrielle, Pertra & Emily (cox)

2019 Lea Autumn
FINAL 2nd (QF & SF WIN)- J17 womens Double - Petra Webb & Avantika Bharadway  

2019 NJIRCs (selected Results)
8th - Year 10 Male - Will Howden
14th - Year 11 Female - Cindy Caidou
14th - Year 11 Male - Dhruv Thakur
14th - Year 10 Female - Lily Harwood
15th - Year 12 Female - Lucy Kerr
16th - Year 12 Male - Michael Stanway
16th - Year 12 Female - Siena Crossley
17th - Year 12 Male - Robert Eager
17th - Year 10 Male - Nicholas Crossley
21st - Year 10 Female - Sophie Machin

2019 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing – 7th Overall
BRONZE - Year 11 Female Cindy Caidou
4th - Year 10 Female - Lily Harwood
4th - Year 7 Male - Fabrice Fidgenon
5th - Year 11 Male - Dhruv Thaker
SILVER - Team Relay - Isabell Harvey, Isabelle Doves, Eleanor Harvey, Lily Harwood, Cindy Caidou, Fabrice Fidgenon, Pirahaas Kuganesan, Jacon Hardy, Nicholas Crossley, Dhruv Thaker


2018 Lea Spring
GOLD - J14 Male Single - Will Howden

2018 Reading Town
GOLD - J14 Female Double - Petra Webb & Sophie Machin

2018 Molsey
GOLD - J16 Female Single - Audrey Fidgenon

2018 Danson Dash
GOLD - J16 Female Single - Audrey Fidgenon
GOLD - J16 Male Single - Robert Eager

2018 Lea Autumn
GOLD - J17 Male Single - Robert Eager
GOLD - J17 Female Single - Audrey Fidgenon
GOLD - J16 Female Single - Bea Argyle
GOLD - J15 Female Single - Sophie Machin
Final - J15 Female Single - Hope Edwards
Final - Open Female Double - Collette Smith & Jen Wilson

2018 NJIRCs (selected Results)
SILVER - Y11 Female - Audrey Fidgenon
10th - Y9 Male - Will Howden
10th - Y10 female - Cindy Caidou
15th - Y9 Female - Sophie Machin
18th - Y11 Female - Lucy Kerr
19th - Y11 Female - Siena Crossley
23rd - Y11 male - Robert Eager
11th - Junior Female Relay

2018 London Youth Games Regatta - BRONZE Overall
BRONZE - Male Mixed Double - Bryn Elliott, Dhruv Thakur & Nicholas Crossley (cox)
4th - Female Double - Cindy Caidou,  Audrey Fidgnon & Hope Edwards (Cox)
6th - Mixed Double - Vakees Kuganesan, Maddeline Doves & Hope Edwards (cox)
7th - Female Quad - Amelia Crorie, Elizabeth Harwood, Isabel Doves, Hope Edwards & Nicholas Crossley (cox)
7th Mixed Quad - Adarssh Adhithan, Nico Sagesse, Hope Edwards, Elizabeth Harwood & Nicholas Crossley (cox)
7th female Single - Audrey Fidgenon
8th Male Quad - Nico Sagesse, Adarssh Adhithan, Pirahaas Kuganesan, Daniel Gray & Nicholas Crossley (cox)

2018 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing - SILVER Overall
GOLD - Relay team - Isabelle Doves, Reuben Fabian, Daniel Gray, Obehi Omenaboiso, Elizabeth Harwood, Nicholas Crossley, Maddeline Doves, Dhruv Thakur, Audrey Fidgenon & Mungo Prior
GOLD - KS3 Para Female HI - Alizae Boukhari
SILVER - Year 10 Female - Cindy Caisou & Maddeline Doves
BRONZE - Year 11 Female - Audrey Fidgenon
BRONZE - Year 8 Female - Elizabeth Harwood
BRONZE - KS4 Para Female PI - Mahlica Ajaib

2018 St Neots Small Boats
GOLD - J17 Male Single - Robert Eager
GOLD - adult female double - Collette Smith & Jennifer Wilson

2018 Docklands Head
GOLD - J17 Male Single - Robert Eager
GOLD - Isobel Turner - Adult Single


2017 Lea Autumn
GOLD - Novice Double - CJ White & James Edwards

2017 NJIRCs (selected Results)
GOLD - Jake Offiler (Globe Rowing Club)
4th - Y11 Female - Connie Hayes
9th - Year 8 Male - Will Howden
10th - Y9 female - Maddy Offiler
12th - Year 12 female - Phoebe Elliott
15th - Year 10 female - Audrey Fidegnon
5th - Junior Relay team (Maddy & Jasmin Offiler, Alicia Lombard-Miles & Issy Nelson)

2017 London Youth Games Regatta
4th - Male Single - James Edwards
8th - Female Single - Phoebe Elliott
3rd - Male Double - Tim Bever & Kabilan Thesingarajah
4th - female Double - Audrey Fidgeon & Siena Crossley
8th - Mixed Double - Tom Bever & Angela Okafor
6th - Male Quad - Nicholas Crossley, Adarssh Adhithan, Matteo Consiglio & Daniel Gray
7th - Female Quad - Hope Edwards, Petra Webb, Beatrice Argyle & Ciane Coido
6th  - Mixed Quad - Hope Edwards, Petra Webb, Nicholas Crossley & Bryn Elliott

2017 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing
Year 7 Boy - 9th -  Daniel Gray
Year 7 Boy - 17th - Matteo Consiglio
Year 7 Girl - 10th - Ciane Coido
Year 7 Girl - 12th - Cheryl Nkafu
Year 8 Boy - 3rd Mitkumar Patel
Year 8 Boy - 10th Adarrsh Adhithan
Year 8 Girl - 14th Laila Bueno-Grostate
Year 8 Girl - 24th Hope Edwards
Year 9 Boy - 7th Dhruv Thakar
Year 9 Boy - 18th Bryn Elliott
Year 9 Girl - 4th Maddy Offiler
Year 9 Girl - 10th Alicia Lombard-Myles
Year 10 Boy - 13th Jed Martindale
Year 10 Girl - 1st Audrey Fidgeon
Year 10 Girl - 18th Klara Peart
Year 11 Boy - 6th Kabilan Thesingarajah
Team Relay - 2nd
KS3 Boy LD - 5th Jamie Spry
KS3 Girl PD - 3rd Mahlica Ajaib
KS3 Boy PD - 1st Luca Saggese
KS3 Girl Sensory - 1st Alizae Boukhari
KS4 Boy LD - Jerome Naredrun
Team Para Relay - 6th


2016 NJIRCs (selected Results)
5th - Maddy Offiler (year 8 girl)
13th - Connie Hayes (Year 10 Girl)
5th - Brandon Benidict (Year 8 Boy)
17th  - Kabilan Thesingarajah (Year 10 boy)
2nd - Pheobe Elliott (Year 11 girl)

2016 London Youth Games Regatta
4th - Male Double
4th - Mixed Quad
5th - Male Quad
6th - Male Single
8th - female Quad
8th - female single
9th - Mixed Double
9th - female Double

2016 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing
Gold - Jake Offiler (Boys Year 11)
Gold - Luca Saggese (KS3 Adapted rowing)
4th - Lucy O'Connor (Girls Year 11)
5th - Kabilan Thesingarajah (Year 10 boy)
5th - Connie Hayes (Year 10 Girl)
5th - Lucas Nehroni (Year 10 boy)
6th - James Edwards (Year 11 Boy)
6th - Nouman Bhatti (KS4 Adapted Rowing)
6th - Team Relay
7th  - Jasmin Offiler (Year 8 Girl)
8th - Angela Okafor (Year 9 female)


2015 Lea Spring
1st J16 2x - James Edwards and Surya Prusty
1st J15 1x - Kabilan Thesingarajah

2015 Ball Cup
Silver J16 2x - James Edwards and Max Hanley

2015 NJIRCs (selected Results)
Gold - Jake Offiler (Boys Year 10)
Bronze - Harvey Morement (Boy Year 9)
Gold - Maddy Offiler (Girls Year 7)
Bronze - Junior Relay Team (Joe, Kabilan, Harvey & Oscar)

2015 London Youth Games Regatta
Bronze - Mixed Doubles

2015 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing
Gold - Team Relay
Gold - Jake Offiler (Boys Year 10)
Gold - Maddy Offiler (Girls Year 7)
Silver - Lucas Negroni (Boy Year 9)
Silver - Connie Hayes (Girls Year 9)
Bronze - Thimothee Lo-Tutala (Boys Year 7)


2014 London Youth Games Regatta
Bronze - Boys Quad (Max, James, Gurvir & Kabilan)

2014 London Youth Games Indoor Rowing
Bronze - Team Relay
Gold - Lucas (Year 7 boy)